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It does. I just received my Gary Steven custom carbon look leather strap in anticipation. The watch will come with the strap seen in the pic but I wanted something that was thicker at the pins to fill in the gap between the end of the strap and the case. Mitch at O7 says they should be available next Thursday so I hope to pick it up before leaving for vacation. If I could only get Jeff to buy my Doxa.

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Very nice. Are those the Seiko mods?

You are correct. I believe the first vintage style ones in gold were done on some Spanish and Polish watch forums. I think archosman's is one of those or the version done through WUS and Harold/Yobokies. I really like this newest edition from Jake B because it's a contemporary version of the Fifty Fathoms and it maintains the date wheel. Apparently Jake went through a company that does dials for some Swiss brands so it is high quality and there are 8 layers of Super-Luminova applied to it. :)

I like that Helson Skin Diver you posted as well. Very cool homage to this vintage version of the Fifty Fathoms:


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Very nice Seiko! Do I see a Marinemaster or perhaps a GS in your future? evil.gif I know that when I make some real money one day i'll be getting a GS or one of the GS springdrive models....

The Halios Laguna is a great watch btw, unfortunately I returned mine due to a piece of dust on the dial, but i'm sure you'll get a flawless one. :) Would have just exchanged it for another one but another watch crept up on me during that time. laugh.png

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I was surprised at the quality of the Seiko. The only Seikos I owned were battery models a long time ago. The GS are nice but they are in Omega/Rolex territory so not sure if I would buy the GS over the others. The Sumo is one of the more comfortable watches I've owned. My watches are starting to lean towards dive watches these days. Hopefully, I will not have a problem with the Laguna. All the reviews seem to be positive. I paid a guy last week for a Bluering and a day after he was supposed to ship he refunded me my money, which took a week to get back into my PP account. I really want to see what the fuss is with that watch.

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MKII Blackwater:


MKII Paradive:


Do you still have the Blackwater?

I just picked one up off WUS. It has the Benrus style Type I dial though, so it's like a hybrid of your two with a Blackwater case and Paradive dial. Wish I could afford a Paradive, but I'm hoping I will be happy with the Blackwater.

And last week I picked this up:


It's a Sandoz Sub with an ETA 2824-2. That picture was taken by the man who just finished installing the mods yesterday (MKII Plongeur dial, Yobokies Plongeur hands, dome sapphire crystal, and black date wheel). It's my attempt at re-creating the current MKII Sea Fighter on the cheap:


I know many WIS scoff at these homages (not fakes!), but I just love the classic designs and some of these companies are doing it with great quality. I also have a Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Red (homage to the "Double Red" Sea Dweller) and the bang for the buck is just awesome IMO.

So now I've got three 70's vintage homage divers (Double Red, Benrus Type I, and Omega PloProf) and waiting to complete my Seiko, which is an homage to the 50's Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. grin.gif

The Hamilton Khaki will be the only watch I have with an original design, and I may have to sell it to recoup some costs for these homages.

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