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From elsewhere:

1. I keep coming back to look at it, so it must be special. The date has been adjusted since I looked at it yesterday. It's nearer the back of the display. Someone else has looked at my watch. It could be gone tomorrow. I'll have it.

2. It's 1am. I was about to go to bed and now I've found this. One in stock. One in the world by the look of it. I could lay awake thinking about it. Or I could go to bed smiling. Now or never. I have mail. I have mail again. Bedtime.

3. I've been good. No new watch for three months. I'm saving up for a 'big one'. I could buy a strap. Straps don't count. I could buy a strap for the 'big one'. Now then, let's look at all the straps in the world.

4. It has a compass. Somebody once asked me 'Which way is North?'. I could have told them. I'll have it.

5. Somebody like me should have a watch like this. Exactly this watch. I could sell some. I'd never sell this. Just imagine looking down at your wrist and seeing this. Out of my league really. But just look at it. Thank you, I'll take it. Look at the box! Hope my card doesn't get rejected.

6. I got it as a beater. Not that I beat, or fully understand the nature of beating.

7. I had never thought of buying one, but they were so cheap I bought two.

8. So I asked my wife how many pairs of shoes she had. Five, apparently.

9. It's not as though I spend a lot of money on cars, hi-fi, cameras, or remote-controlled helicopters. Oh... I do, actually.

10. I have a limit of eighteen watches, and a strict 'one in, one out' policy. This one doesn't count though, it's just a work watch. And the five in the drawer don't count either. And the G-Shocks are just for when I'm felling trees or drilling for oil. But apart from that I have a limit of eighteen. Strictly one in, one out. Apart from the Jaeger LeCoultre, a gift from my uncle, which I wear to receptions at the embassy. And there's a Hamilton in case I get mugged when travelling in Central America or Europe. Apart from that, if a $10,000 watch is coming in, a $1,000 watch has to go.

11. Of course it's worth paying more for a decorated movement. You can see it when you're not wearing it.

12. A good, representative collection should have one of each type, and I haven't got a purple one.

13. It's a restoration project. I don't like it enough to buy a good one, but I'll be bringing it back to life. I'm not sure if you can still get the parts.

14. They only made 200, so I won't be wearing it. The standard model looks the same, so I might get one of those for wearing.

15. It's Russian. It might not work for more than a week but it's got a tank on it. Fantastic value.

16. It's a Seiko. Everybody should have one Seiko. I've got 348.

17. I needed a diver. My other watches are only rated to 50m. I go swimming in the sea, and the sea is deeper than that.

18. It has historical value. Six were issued to Algerian troops in 1959. As a watch it's worthless, but you hardly ever see them. I couldn't believe my luck when I snapped it up for the cost of a long weekend in Venice for two.

19. Two hundred pounds might sound like a lot for a plastic watch, but most of these were thrown away, and there's an eBay seller who can provide new movements, bezels and straps.

20. It's an absolute classic, and cracking value. For almost the price of the watch, you can send it off to a man in America who'll make it look completely different.

21. It costs a lot of money because it's Swiss. If it was made anywhere else it would cost less. But it wouldn't be Swiss. You see?

22. It could tell a story. Mostly about being in an old biscuit tin for thirty years, until it was rescued by someone who appreciates broken things.

23. A real fictional character wore one of these. Non-fictional characters wore them too, but not in the same authentic way.

24. It's not expensive when you consider the centuries of tradition and craftsmanship that were abandoned in favour of more efficient methods of production.

25. I have to buy lots of watches so I can work out which one I would have if I could only have one.

26. Yes, but it went to the moon. And it came back. And it worked. Which makes it ideal for going down the pub.

27. Cheap watches are a false economy. A

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Hey, you never know when you need to be jetted to a covert ops mission. You have to be ready.

Funny story: my bud and I were looking through a watch magazine...alright, I was, he was making fun of me, when we got to a watch that was entirely black except the date. He starts in with the Spinal Tap, "...does it get any more black than that? The answer is..." at which point I interrupted him and covered up the numbers with my finger and said, "well, yes, you could get rid of the date, or show the date in black or something..."

Totally ruined the moment for him.

I kill me.

Yeah, Monkey turned me on to it several weeks back. Nordstrom's, I think he said.

Tx == Timex, BTW. I hadn't realized that at the time. :palm: <-- that's me holding the watch up to my face trying to read the dial.

It is very high on my wish list. Along with this Citizen:


...this Oris:

Amazon.com: Oris Men's TT3 Chronograph Black Dial Watch #674 7611 7764RS: Oris: Watches

...this Invicta if I can track it down:

Amazon.com: Invicta Men's II Collection Power Reserve GMT Edition Stainless Steel Watch #6280: Watches

...and this Omega (which isn't entirely black, for some reason) :


...as well as a few others (another Bathys, another Ocean7, probably a custom job)...

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I just received that $30 watch that was posted a while back -- I had totally forgotten I ordered it, and for a second there thought I had bought it off eBay, because I was looking at other IK Colouring watches there (specifically, the one with the alternately polarizing/not polarizing face). And I didn't remember paying for anything there. :palm:

And on a completely unrelated note -- this is so hawt:


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