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When my dad died and my mother let's say wasn't available, they were my father's best friends and took some care of myself. Kind of I adopted them as parents :)

Very cool and a very special gift! I suppose that definition of "vice", as in "Vice President" makes more sense than "Miami Vice" :)

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I will oblige with my normal terrible cell phone pic. :)


I think the Maurice Lacroix Manufacture pieces are a real bargain.  The fact that they also make relatively inexpensive quartz watches kind of brings the brand down, but the quality of the current Masterpiece line is absolutely first rate.  The ML-191 is apparently the largest self-winding movement made, or at least was when it was introduced, and it looks spectacular, really filling the case.


Do I get any credit for helping you pick that model?  :laugh:

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Since my son isn't excited about getting an old 1998 silver dial Omega Speedmaster automatic for his 18th birthday, I was thinking about keeping it for myself and getting him a Seiko Astron that he's had his eye on.


It's the SSE-013 solar powered GPS-set world time perpetual calendar chronograph in PVD black (or ion plating). The lume is nice and strong in two colors, the ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal is nice, it's pretty easy to operate without RTFM, and I can get a good deal on it.  It's also quite a bit thinner and smaller in diameter than the previous generation, and it's in his favorite colors (black and blue).


What do you guys think? 



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Oh, and I got my blue Everest rubber watch strap for Rolex today, and I really like it.  I might like the fit slightly more than the RubberB strap in black with thin blue stripe, as it has more holes in the strap that are closer together.  The Everest will also fit a much larger wrist than the RubberB can accommodate (guessing 8" max vs 7.5")





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