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If the new Hodinkee Zenith had been released a year ago, I'd be lining up to get one.  Hopefully Zenith gets the picture and continues on with smaller watches.  This is a great size for a dressy chrono.

On 10/2/2016 at 0:36 PM, Grand Enigma said:

The old bracelets are terrible.

You get dumber every time you open your mouth.  It's pretty impressive, really.  The old bracelets are extremely sturdy for their weight.  This is why the Omega 1171 is a classic bracelet design: it doesn't weigh anything, but gets the job done.  These are tool watches.

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Reks1 reminds me of my 8th grade engrish teacher.  Thanks for letting me know my opinion is wrong because its not the same as yours.

Will not change the fact that I much prefer their new bracelets. Also, you are more dumber.

13 hours ago, swt61 said:

^ Can I like that for Shelly? I know she's gonna pound that Like this button when she reads this! Her and Zach have a special relationship. :P

Why is everything always sexual with you Steve?

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I like it a lot, but my wrist isn't large enough for that size. Reminds quite a bit of some of the Autavia models, but I like its larger subdials. Zenith used to make some of the best movements in the business, but since it's owned by LVMH they're doing some weird things like those silly Rolling Stones tribute watches, or pilot watches that not even Godzilla would wear :palm:  This CP2 is awesome.

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