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What are you EATING right now?


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Roasting two chickens tonight, partly for a black bean chicken chili type thing, to be made with the chicken & stock made from the bones (also tonight, I'm rested up and ready to destroy some birds. Chili to be assembled tomorrow. Only thing no "from scratch" will be the tomatoes, because I hate dealing with tomatoes and don't mind canned.

Yes, this is coming to a TamJam near you, along with my last soup that I've still got a frozen quart of, a super chunky sausage, veggie, & northern bean concoction.

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I had a spaghetti omelet. Make an omelet using left-over spaghetti as the feeling, then use left-over spaghetti sauce as the topping. Had some green beans with it.

"feeling" should have been "filling", of course.


It's actually quite yummy, especially with Parmesano Reggiano, the "undisputed King of Cheeses". ;)

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I made labor "inequal distribution of labor breakfast burritos".

Yesterday I rendered lard for the tortilla dough, and today I realized I was out of potatoes so I cooked up some frozen Ore-Ida tater tots and threw them in.

Turned out delicious. Not sourdough waffle delicious, but better than the construction workers across the street can buy out of their roach coach.

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