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What are you EATING right now?

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A certain someone made a great effort to ensure I didn't fly hungry

Went to my first sugar shack. Ate so much. They start out by giving you a doggie bag to fill as you go. I'm not going to even try and describe everything, as I'm not really sure, and most of the descr

Today we had probably the most delicious and certainly the most expensive lunch of our lives at the two Michelin star restaurant at Bernard Magrez's La Grand Maison. Before we ordered anything, five o

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I can't eat Oatmeal made in the microwave, I boil water, and add it.

I try not to use the microwave for anything, but when at work, it makes things easier for a fast breakfast. I'm lucky that I also have a full kitchen there, and I get to cook for myself and co-workers if I'm working a long shift(s) and things aren't too crazy. Usually, we make a grocery list and one of us heads out to shop, I or the other vegan cook up a full meal (he used to be a chef...yum), and the rest eat up and clean. It's nice. There's only one co-worker who won't join in. She said she's afraid of our food and will only eat fast, junky stuff, even if she's 100+ pounds overweight.

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