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What are you EATING right now?


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Ate at one of Stephanie Izard's restaurants tonight with Debbie, two of her sisters and her brother-in-law. Restaurant is Girl and the Goat. Chef Izard is a James Beard award winner and Iron Chef.


All of the following were shared plates and we ate too fast to get pics of the onion focaccia with house made giardinera and house made Caesar dressing.




Roasted beet salad




Wood fired oysters




Squash blossom crab Rangoon (best we'd ever had)




Goat chorizo flatbread




Roasted shishito peppers




Beef tongue with masa chips ( dedicated to my Dad who loved beef tongue. Tonight's was tender and delicious)




Tempura soft shell crab with corn




Escargot ravioli. So bloody delicious.




Pig Face! (It's under the egg. And fucking awesome!)




Blueberry bourbon baba




Caramel corn and malt balls.



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1 hour ago, crappyjones123 said:

Had a margarita pizza from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza along with some 'coal fired' chicken wings. Was quite good. Even mom liked the pizza. She said the crust tasted exactly like tandoori roti (indian bread made in a clay oven over a coal fire). 


You must really love pizza, seeing that you capitalized "Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza", but poor Mom doesn't rate anything more than a lower case m. :P


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