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What are you EATING right now?


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Nice Spring day, Karen and I went out for some shopping and just to see sites.  Stopped at a wonderful Italian place in Southern NH called Tuscan Market (and Tuscan Kitchen restaurant right next door).  Got perhaps THE best Italian panini I've ever had.  That and some great cold brew coffee, sitting outside in the parking lot with my sweet, made for a very nice time.


Tuscan Kitchen 1.jpg

Tuscan Kitchen 2.jpg

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Had some double-spicied chicken ramen from Sushi Jin's, it was delicious.  Don't have room for the sushi, so leaving it in the fridge overnight.  (I know, I should've eaten the sushi and refrigerated the ramen.  Was hungry, wasn't thinking straight.)

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I see Justin filing suit right about now. Calling Al...


I don't know about Nahmen but when I lived there I heard it so many times on the radio, in the malls, on the beach,  I would zone out after the first few notes and regain conscience in a souvenir shop.

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