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What vinyl are you spinning now?

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2 hours ago, morphsci said:

I think Elusive Disc is above board. It did say backordered so I am not sure what that will actually mean tomorrow.

Cool, elusive disc is impex’ primary distributor (that’s where I got mine from). I’m assuming they’ll keep your order intact and send it to you once they receive stock back. 

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I think there are enough of us with turntables to warrant a specific vinyl thread. After all it's not the same as streaming digital.   Shirley Bassey: Good, Bad but Beautiful 

Pulled an all-nighter into an all-dayer after a full day yesterday. Decided to spin the black circles for a change of pace

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Set up my Rega in my son's room, on top of an Andover Audio Spinbase.  But just picked up an ADL GT40a to listen via headphones, and do some vinyl rips.

First up: Chameleonsvox, lead singer of my favorite band.  Great 2 album live set on red and blue splatter vinyl, with bonus 7", CD's, poster, cards and more.  Well-recorded too!




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