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Sennheiser HD650/HD6XX Factories, Fakes, and/or Revisions


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I sold my HD650s a little while ago and now I kind of regret it. I'm thinking of picking up another pair of 650s or 6XXs, but there are rumors that the newer ones that are assembled in Romania are somewhat different than the made-in-Ireland sets. However, Sennheiser has stated on the Drop website in this post:


The HD 6xx pads are made in Germany, drivers are made and matched in pairs in Ireland, the enclosure and final assembly is in our factory in Romania.

They also said in this post:

FYI, the difference between old and new is that the enclosure (injection molded) and final assembly are performed in Romania... the transducers (drivers) have always been made and carefully matched in pairs in our Ireland factory. The injection mold tooling is the same we've used since 1997!

Does anyone have any direct experience comparing older and newer HD650s and/or HD6XXs?

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