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What are you smoking right now?

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Finally got a new humidor that I can use to transport today’s selections out to the patio.     Today’s choice 

A fantastic Magnum 46. Need more room in my tuppador.

I finally cracked the ancient Durbar that I’ve been slowly hydrating for the last half decade. It was sawdust when I got it. It’s perfect, now. Should go great in this Sav autograph (I should probably

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The only real telling thing is that it is listed in both Deutsche Mark and Euro

This would not have been done before 1999 - and I would assume not to far after 2002 (when the Euro replaced the currency all together)

Fixed rate since    31 December 1998
Replaced by €, non cash    1 January 1999
Replaced by €, cash    1 January 2002-28 February 2002

The conversion on the stamp is at the fixed rate -  € =    DM 1.95583

I don't know the MO 176 code - looked for it. Could be something for the year (MO) and 176th day. 


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