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On 4/8/2016 at 8:44 PM, charlo89 said:


This shop is nice ! You can find: teflon socket, OCC coper, nice transformer cover,  .... and the price is quite good. 

You can find this shop on ebay too, but their price are higher over there.

I guess I must have used these guys via ebay. Bought some of these knobs from them: http://www.goodcomponent.com/products/knobspotentiometers/aluminum-knobs/30x25mm-black-anodized-cnc-machined-solid-aluminum-volume-potentiometer-knob-with-set-screwgdak0178-1307.html

Nicely made, have a good feel to them. I'd rather just buy direct from them. Thanks for the link!

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Wasn't sure where to put this. New desoldering tool I saw mentioned on diyaudio. These are hollow SS rods that you use for desoldering thru-hole components and clearing out the hole. Solder won't stick to them. I could have really used something like this for the thru-hole caps on dynalo minis with the 3oz. copper. I had a real hard time even using a hot air station AND my Hakko with a wide tip.



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I am wandering when people here assambled T2 and use it with Alps RK50 potentiometer from past age. Some years ago I inverstigated question about volume controls. Looked even on Bridged-T attenuator:


And as a conclusion: best attenuators are transformer TVCs. Until some music level resistors (even z-foil) is the best. But for Ultra HiEnd is TVC.

In attachments is mine. FR @1kHz=0db almost flat up to 1MGHz. It is better then Stevens and Billington TX-102 TVC, Music First Audio - Passive Magnetic Preamplifier and so on. Even this not the toppest one, but it is very very pleasent for hears.






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As you know, There are a bit higher chances to find obsolete Japanese semiconductors in Japanese auction than eBay.   However it's true that still some (or many) of them are fakes, probably not as bad as eBay though.   I obtained reliable name list as below.  Their price isn't cheap, but you get guaranteed genuine parts.




Actually they belong to the company Tohri Electronics trade inc. and they use those Yahoo! auction accounts for private customers since Tohri's business is mainly B2B.   Tohri is known to have good stock of 2SJ79 and many other rare parts.    They can make combined shipping when you buy from those accounts in the same time, the sales contact person of Tohri said.   BTW I failed to get quote for large volume of J79 as they want to keep serving their limited stock to the customers who needs for long time.   I like that answer.

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4 hours ago, Pars said:

Interesting (for someone who has never tried buying direct from Japan). For us who aren't fluent in Japanese, are there any services you would recommend to assist? Just looking at Buyee now. Nothing I really need, but I like that they limit volume.

As I'm a Japanese, I don't know much about those agents who support foreign customers in buying something in Japanese auction.   One of my German friend uses Tomodachi co. Ltd when he purchases motorcycle components (sometimes bulky) in Yahoo! auction and he is satisfied with their service, but I think he has never tried other services thus couldn't compare.

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Just missed a Yahoo Japan auction on Buyee with tens of J74s, K170s, K117s and more, for just 1Yen starting bid (yes, 1 cent USD). I haven’t figured out how to make Buyee reminders sent in regular hours in my time zone. By default the emails arrive when I’m asleep (Pacific time).

btw, I found some C3381s in a local store, BL and GR grades, looks authentic. Maybe I can open a group buy sometime.

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The local surplus store is closing its doors next month. To not let the 2SC3381s go into a black hole, I’m running a group buy. Mixed GR and BL grades, $0.5 each with minimum of 10 pcs. Shipped from California. PM me if interested. Also available 2SC3067 dual NPN at the same price. Sorry no JFETs or high voltage transistors. Group buy closes Friday 6/24. There is a chance someone may scoop them up before I do, in which case refund will be issued. Please don’t blame me if that happens.

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