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On 4/8/2016 at 8:44 PM, charlo89 said:


This shop is nice ! You can find: teflon socket, OCC coper, nice transformer cover,  .... and the price is quite good. 

You can find this shop on ebay too, but their price are higher over there.

I guess I must have used these guys via ebay. Bought some of these knobs from them: http://www.goodcomponent.com/products/knobspotentiometers/aluminum-knobs/30x25mm-black-anodized-cnc-machined-solid-aluminum-volume-potentiometer-knob-with-set-screwgdak0178-1307.html

Nicely made, have a good feel to them. I'd rather just buy direct from them. Thanks for the link!

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Wasn't sure where to put this. New desoldering tool I saw mentioned on diyaudio. These are hollow SS rods that you use for desoldering thru-hole components and clearing out the hole. Solder won't stick to them. I could have really used something like this for the thru-hole caps on dynalo minis with the 3oz. copper. I had a real hard time even using a hot air station AND my Hakko with a wide tip.



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I am wandering when people here assambled T2 and use it with Alps RK50 potentiometer from past age. Some years ago I inverstigated question about volume controls. Looked even on Bridged-T attenuator:


And as a conclusion: best attenuators are transformer TVCs. Until some music level resistors (even z-foil) is the best. But for Ultra HiEnd is TVC.

In attachments is mine. FR @1kHz=0db almost flat up to 1MGHz. It is better then Stevens and Billington TX-102 TVC, Music First Audio - Passive Magnetic Preamplifier and so on. Even this not the toppest one, but it is very very pleasent for hears.






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