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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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17 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

You telling me it arrived Naaman? If so that was bloody quick. UK to Arkansas in three days!

Yup, definitely not bad. Crazily enough DHL takes about the same from EU countries. Why it sounds crazy that things take weeks from the EU to UK. 

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2 hours ago, VPI said:

Yes and the orange are Paduak. 

Because I feel it's my job to be a Christmas downer, over time, wenge will lighten to a medium brown, purple heart will lose its purple and turn medium brown, and padauk will turn a kind of medium brown. So in a year, it will look more or less like a walnut cutting board.

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A bit of over exaggeration I think.

The Purple Heart on the dog toy box was in the garage for 3 months, built into the box and now over a year and a half later it is still purple, both that on the box and the board in the garage.

This purple will not be this bright very long, it will be a darker purple for probably longer than the shitty work will hold up as I am sure the boards will split in half before too long due to faulty glue up.

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