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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Decided all birds eye maple for the drawer fronts was going to bore me so I am going to do some accents with a glue-up of leopard wood incorporated into some or all of the drawers. 




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23 hours ago, Voltron said:

I would swear that I posted this the other day, but who knows anymore. It is called Transparent Ipe for hardwoods.

I thought that too.. but the can just says Transparent Natural, so who knows :)




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Would prefer it in Walnut, but the shitty maple will have to do. Also tried, and fucked up some dog bone (bow ties) for the rainbow poplar shoe display go the closet. 





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Looks similar in the pics I can find. I have an entire shop full of hard wood, and all of it is too fucking fancy for the dog food bowl stand I wanted to make this weekend. 

At least I got the legs and stretchers milled from some boring Walnut and Madrone sticks. 

Going to do custom dog bone through tenons on the legs, if I ever find any sticks to make the top with. 


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21 minutes ago, dsavitsk said:

Of that's koa, you won the lottery.

Especially since I have 12 other boards just like it. No idea if it is Koa, but does not match my Jatoba so not sure what else it could be. I keep it in the stack of the Wenge and Teak for my retirement plan. 

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