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RMAF 2021


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I'm on staff for Otakon, a large-ish anime convention in DC.  We were contractually obligated to put on a convention if we were legally able to.  So we ended up having to plan and put on a convention with 78 days notice.  We had 25,000 attendees, and based on all reports, we did not turn into a super spreader event.  We required masks, and didn't ask vaccination status.  

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27 minutes ago, cutestory said:

I didn't want them to do it this year, but I didn't expect them to cancel the entire endeavor forever.

My guess is that it's not cancelled forever but more than they're out of the ability to pay for staff to prepare for something they don't know when they'll get to do next.  I mean what do you need a sales staff for when there's no event.  What do you need logistics people for when there's no logic (ok, don't go there, I'm kidding).  But I bet someone still owns all of the IP associated with the brand and if the world ever unfucks itself sufficiently there'll be a new RMAF.  

Related aside - i can't imagine how many industries/events were and are still hanging on to the hope that they will be able to do their thing this year and get back to a position of doing things and making money.  How many promotion, production, catering, event rental businesses etc. have gone under or are on the brink?  [/rant]

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3 hours ago, naamanf said:

So what is the big show we can go to meow?

Hold it at a restaurant with lots of goofy shit on the walls and mozzarella sticks. Hopefully nobody gets pistol whipped.


This really sucks, if it is indeed permanent; I always wanted to make it to a RMAF. But given where COVID is trending, I'm not sure they had a choice.

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