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#headphone-hifi TEAM MEETING


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Allright guys, we have an issue. Morph has kind of been messing with our channel politics, yelling at us for banning spammers, linking whatever, and acting how we want. He's a good guy, but it's gone way too far. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but some people's auto-ops have been taken away...

So we might end up having to pull a Reks and move it somewhere else. I have a pretty capable (but kind of empty) network going on, so we could easily move it there for the time being. I'd like everybody to speak up (especially null cause he's the chan owner) as to what they think, but please don't make a decision until you've heard the story from people getting messed with.

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You know where I stand hungry, but morph especially has been yelling at me lately for "nasty" links and calling us perverts for jokes that we generally warn about before hand. He gets on me whenever I ban anyone and somehow thinks he is the owner of the chan. My vote is for a move.

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hungrych are you there?

morph yes

hungrych allright

hungrych hi

hungrych we banned him because he comes in and spams and does nothing else

hungrych what's the big deal

morph he pasted one link

hungrych and that's ALL he did

hungrych he's done it before

morph to another chan on zoite

hungrych why should we let him in if he just comes in to spam though?

morph i have advertized your chan many times before

hungrych he didn't even talk

hungrych but you don't come in just to advertise do you?

morph he isn't wround much, always busy with his radio

morph then use /ignore

hungrych but he has nothing to contribute

hungrych is advertising allowed in here?

morph i have advertized your chan many times before

hungrych I thought you took off the round-robin because of spam problems

morph that's different

hungrych I know but that guy is the same as a spam bot

morph that's malicious spam

morph it's up to you

hungrych they have bots that do the exact same thing on undernet

hungrych and it's annoying as hell

morph he was advertizing another chan on zoite, once

hungrych if it's up to us why are you bothering beeble about it?

hungrych it wasn't once though

hungrych we don't think it should be allowed

hungrych in this channel

morph ok 5 times in 3 months

hungrych I don't see what the huge problem is

hungrych spammed 5 times and never said anything else..

morph i didn't say it was a problem, you say it is

hungrych you did though, not to me, but to others

morph what about all the lame links some othger ppl paste?

morph when they bothered me, did i ban anybody?

hungrych but they're actual channel members, it's not like their only interest is to promote themselves

morph no

morph i didn't ban anybody

hungrych I didn't say you did

morph i did what then?

hungrych blah

hungrych are we allowed to do what we want with the channel as long as it doesn't affect any other channel?

hungrych or not

morph yes

morph within reason

hungrych what reason?

morph the links that some ppl have pasted lately

morph they have no place in #headphone-hifi

morph it turns ppl away

hungrych from the whole network?

morph from #headphone-hifi

hungrych well isn't it our right to do that?

morph and i''l make sure this won't happen

morph it is my right when i see it affecting the channel negatively

morph 2 or 3 ppl will not be alowed to trash the channel

hungrych nobody is trashing the channel...

morph yes

hungrych nobody has left cause of the links..

morph why do you think i spoke up?

morph because i was bored?

morph like i have nothing better to do

hungrych lol

hungrych what it comes down to is this: either we have full rights to our channel or we don't

morph if watching tubgirl images is necessary for you to be happy, then do it in private

hungrych if we don't I'm sorry but we'll move the channel to another network if we have to

hungrych lol

hungrych I would never click that crap

morph why do some ppl even paste them in the channel?

hungrych I have no idea tbh

morph oh you are moving

morph ok

hungrych we're not

morph up to you

hungrych we don't want to

hungrych I like the network..

morph ttyl

hungrych better than undernet

hungrych :P

hungrych dude chill

hungrych I didn't say we were

hungrych but if we can't have control of our own channel..

morph moving your chan is no threat to me, in case you are wondering

hungrych I'm not trying to make a threat

hungrych I know you have better things to worry about :P

morph i will not tolerate the porn stuff that went on

morph i dislike perverts

hungrych nobody even looks at that stuff

hungrych it's all pasted as a joke

morph i have talked to other ppl in your chan, and they basically agreed with me

hungrych allright... I'll discuss it..

hungrych later

morph 2 or 3 ppl are trashing your chan

morph i have seen it happen before

morph it's not good

hungrych we have like 40 people on at a time

hungrych nobody is trashing anything

morph that's why i speak up

hungrych if you feel that way that's fine

morph links to perverted images do trash a chan

hungrych but don't mess with what we deem as our channel rules :(

hungrych I mean I know you can, it's your network

morph i want to prevent #headphone-hifi going to hell

morph it's a cool chan and all

hungrych yeah I know

hungrych and the same stuff has been going on for months

morph a number of us worked hard to make it what it is

hungrych and we're fine

hungrych so what's the big deal

morph no there has been a change recently

hungrych not at all

morph it has

Sorry if it's impossible to read, I can't get brackets to work in X-Chat... :P

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Thing is, he hasn't been on our channel lately, so whenever he sees anyone doing a ban/kick, to him, it sorta seems like it's out of the blue. I agree that he's a nice guy and all, and because he's one of the server admins that he should be allowed to voice his opinions, but he doesn't/shouldn't have a say in what the channel does. He's just not informed about anything in the channel.

I don't see why the channel couldn't be moved somewhere else. Theres gotta be some place that'll just leave us alone :laugh:

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Relocating will ultimately have it's pros and cons, but whether the pros will outnumber the cons we'll have to wait to see..

Well, I guess the question then is, what is it that we like about zoite that is keeping us there?

I'm frustrated simply because morph acts without notice and without regard to his own rules. If we're not breaking the stated rules, then I don't really understand what the issue is....

Anyway, if we need resources of some sort like webspace for a stats page or whatever, I've got tons :D

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