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Hi guys. Morph and I have successfully reached an agreement. Those who are not aware, basically we can continue to post shock links however we are either going to make an independant stats page, or simply not bother with one at all because of morph's concern that the links are associated with zoite. Beeble was also welcomed back. Hurray, Im so glad we got things resolved! BTW if you have any other concerns talk to me in the channel, send me a PM here, or email me (PM me for my email)

EDIT: by the way, if you would like, please vote on whether to have a stats page or not here --> http://www.jessehallphotography.com/hfpoll/

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I don't know how to say this without coming across as overly harsh, but...morph just comes across to me as really really simple, not only his manner but his worldview and responses to anything that happens. He just doesn't appear to understand how the internet works, which is rather surprising coming from an ircop. It most certainly is a problem when he gets pissed off (and not just pissed off, he seemed properly shocked as if his world had been turned upside down or something when something completely mundane and pretty funny was posted) at the slightest things and won't allow us to ban *anyone* because somehow it will reflect back on him? He needs to wake up and realise that he can't please everyone all the time, and maybe pleasing the spam whores/random idiots is less important than pleasing the really quite excellent community of the second-largest channel on his server.

I'm wholly in favour of relocating, I don't really mind where to (zoite is already a second network for me, so replacing it with whatever isn't a problem). I for one don't feel like worrying over whether I'm going to get g-lined every time I post something I find amusing but morph in whatever twisted way thinks is horrific paedophilic evil from the ninth circle of hell. ::)

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I guess the general consensus is to ride it out and see what happens. For some reason morph has been really anal lately. In the year the channel has been up I never remember him being this bitchy. Ahh well we'll see.

btw it seems like people do want a stats page. so ill try to get one up, although i dont really know how to make one lol

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