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What is the use of headphone amplifier?

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Headphone Amplifier is a kind of amplifier, which is an audio amplifier specially designed to drive headphones. Headphone amplifiers generally appear in the form of integrated circuits in electronic equipment, music players and TVs, but there are also independent headphone amplifiers.

The headphone amplifier has two main functions:

One is to increase the output power. Nowadays, many playback equipment, especially Walkman equipment, have very low headphone output power. They can’t drive well with many headphones and can’t play the normal level of headphones, so an external independent amplifier is needed. Increase output power. However, the output of the amplifier is also different, and some amplifiers have very low output power, so such amplifiers are also not good at driving higher impedance headphones.

The other is that most of the built-in amplifier circuits of phonographs or walkmans are not very sophisticated, they are very simple, and the sound is very ordinary. If the sound is not satisfied, you can connect an independent amplifier. The circuit design of most amps Both are better than those built in the machine, so even for headphones that are easy to drive, the sound may be improved with an independent amp.

As for whether the earphone is easy to be driven, it mainly depends on the impedance and sensitivity. Impedance determines whether the earphone is easily driven, and sensitivity determines the volume of the earphone. It may be loud but still not pushed well. Usually the impedance is lower than 32 ohms, and the sensitivity is higher than 105DB, general walkman equipment can be pushed well. But if the size of the earphone sound unit is large, even if the impedance is very low, it is more difficult to push. For example, many headphones such as Audio-Technica, Sony, Extreme, Goethe and so on.

In fact, if the headset is too easy to be driven or too sensitive, it will be very picky on the front-end equipment. If there is a little change in the front-end, the headset will be all right. Matching with the amp requires the machine to have a line output, because the line output does not go through the built-in amplifier circuit of the machine, and goes directly to the external amplifier. In addition, players, amps, and even signal cables are all very particular about it. It takes some effort to match them properly and make a good sound.

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