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Very Sad News -- RIP Steve ironbut Koto


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I'm very sad to report that our very own Carl Stephen "ironbut" Koto passed away on July 2, presumably from the lung cancer he informed us about in late May. Several of us have been concerned about his absence and both Ric and I (and maybe others) tried calling him to no avail, eventually receiving notice that the line was no longer in service. I tried searching for information but did not find anything until this morning I finally found a death notice for Carl Koto in Eugene, Oregon at age 66, and that must be him. 😢

Steve was a great and gentle guy and a fantastic Head-caser. His reel to reel rig will be remembered as one of the all-time best headphone experiences for many, many people. I'm happy that he had a few years of retirement in Eugene when he could make music and take it easy, but it truly sucks that he didn't have longer. 

Just to prove how humble and unassuming Steve was, I couldn't find a decent picture of him so I hope others can find more to post here. RIP Steve, you will be missed.



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RIP @ironbut
This one hurts.  I do remember vividly meeting him at your house, Al, and indeed he was so kind and humble and genuine and affable...and wiry, for some reason I remember his physique.  I remember laughing when I found out his moniker was "iron butt" because he didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him.  IIRC, he was a marathon runner or something, but an absolute health nut.

Fuck cancer.

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