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World War 3 Thread


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6 hours ago, Knuckledragger said:

I'm not sure he knows much about respect. 

Peter Schiff Slams 'Brainwashed' Son for Turning Entire Portfolio Into Bitcoin, Publicly Threatens to 'Disinherit' Him


... also... https://schiffgold.com/buy/ 

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You still have a possibility. KitKat is handled by Hershey, Nestle's rival, in the US. So maybe avoid elsewhere, but stock up from US and double the economic damage to Nestle.

Map of countries where Kit Kat is marketed. Dark Red: UK (country of origin). Red: Countries with KitKat products owned by Nestlé. Light Red: Countries with KitKat products manufactured by Hershey (US).


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26 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

Who would have thought that KitKat chocolate finger biscuits was a global brand?

I ain't buying any more of them.

One more diversion point. When I was a kid on a family friends boat on Lake Erie and crossing over to the Canadian island Pelee, literally all I remember about any cultural differences were that KitKats had a different name (at the time), Rowntree. It seemed so sophisticated. For a few years in this brain KitKats were THE global brand.


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4 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

Yup - this is the opportunity to apply the rest of the world sanctions on Nestle products.

Looking at the brand diagram, the only one we regularly buy is KitKat. No longer.

Nestle has been on the shit list for decades, due to pushing formula instead of breastfeeding in developing countries. Countless babies sick or dead from sub-optimal nutrition and formula prepared in unsanitary conditions. In this context, I'm not sure anything will push the needle on their corporate practices :(

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