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Transformer-Coupled Balanced Output for Solid-State Preamps


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There are plenty of commercial products (and DIY for that matter) that take a line-level signal and use passive components to create a differential signal.  My first thought would be that if you're going to do that, it'd be something I'd argue is worth spending some serious $ on.  

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I agree, I've found a few schematics online similar to the one I posted above.  I see that edcor makes a similar one for $28  https://edcorusa.com/products/copy-of-pc-series-balanced-or-unbalanced-line-matching-transformers?variant=41110251962555

I think I'll order a pair just to see how it works.  The Jensen transformers are $95 each.  I also found https://cinemag.biz/line_input/line_input.php

Do you think I'm fine with 600 Ohm | 600 Ohm like the article?  The input would come from the lineout of a chord mojo and feed a Dynalo mini

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