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dCS Lina: 30k USD Headphone/Network DAC/External Clock Stack


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I guess dCS decided that headphone-based systems are now worthy of their time: https://shop.dcsaudio.com/products/lina-system

Figured most people would be interested in the amplifier so I put it in this section:


DAC includes crossfeed EQ (didn't look into whether it was software/hardware), compute module on the side for either Roon or whatever dCS decides to do in-house. Looks like a scaled down version of their ubiquitous Ring DAC


External clock lets you use the DAC with OCXO's instead:

Welcome dCS Lina - #16 by ruudvde - dCS Products - dCS Community

Full system cost seems to total 29,150 USD. Price aside I think the casework is pretty cool, I saw esoteric do similar things with some of their new offerings.

At this price point though I feel like it'd be more cost-effective just to pick up one of their older offerings (like the Debussy) and hook up a Roon endpoint to that...

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clocks make a difference but it's definitely some last-mile stuff, it's marketed as such I don't see the issue there (other than the nosebleed price)

speaking of nosebleed apparently dcs also upgraded their ring dac modules, supposedly costs like 9k to swap them out in existing products

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On 5/28/2022 at 4:45 AM, spritzer said:

Well it is certainly not something brilliant but we'd need better pics of the amp section to be sure.  I'm certainly not impressed by the 9$ Alps RK27 volume control... 

hah that was my first thought, I hesitate to use those in my DIY projects that cost a couple hundred bucks, but for a $30k product? oof


but you know what they say about opinions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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