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Want to build a balanced dac. dont know where to start


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8 hours ago, robm321 said:

Hey, I want to build a JH13. Where do I start?

0. lose your conscience 

1. get an oem to make the thing for you (cheap as possible no need for quality/performance)

2. attach pointless bling to the oem thing (if you are out of ideas for bling try a university art department, get the students to do it as a project for zero cost. Offer the students a 10% discount on the final product as an incentive)

3. get a e commerce web site (students studying computer science should be able to make it for you again offer 10% discount)

4. bribe some reviewers (give them the product so they can give it to their mistresses)

5. get lots of media exposure (talk BS about your innovative product)

6. create a cult following (amongst the rich and famous. limited editions, special one offs etc)

7. sit back and watch the money roll in.... (get a swiss or caiman islands  bank account)

8. get a good accountant and avoid all taxes

9. get your product ridiculed on head-case (who cares your are now a millionaire) 

10. go back to step 1 when sales of your current product start to drop

11. if income still falls make a NFT version

12 if NTF does not make enough money invest in bit coin, lose all you money and go back to step 1

I hope this plan is detailed enough for you....



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