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Samsung TV Screen Issue

Nathen Schinner

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12 minutes ago, grawk said:

have you tried samsung technical support, or the store you bought it from?  This is a private club filled with assholes, not a support forum.

Actually some personal reason, I signed up on this forum and then I was having the issue. So I posted the thread here. I did not try to connect to any Samsung technical support forum. 

If there is any solution on this issue, please help me.

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You are on the wrong forum. You can start here

Google QN90A black screen

I am not teasing you the info is there but you need to work a lot to find it. There could be a hundred cause. Do not open the box if you have no experience with high voltage it could kill you, only try the other tips!

I am answering you because I had to repair a 3d lg TV myself because the service only wanted to do it for almost the full price of the tv. It was a few months to find the info, parts and equipment but I had no choice because you can not buy 3d TV s nowadays. How can we watch the next Avatars?

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