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Aren't the ads only on start up and shut down? I've actually seen some of the ads be pretty nice deals on things that people actually want. I hear they aren't really intrusive at all, would just possibly lead to spending more $$$ buying things that come up for sale.

Just get the one with ads. If she says something, say "dammit! they sent the wrong one! Want to return it for the non-ad one?"


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I got the Paperwhite last week and I like it quite a bit. Lighting isn't perfect in terms of color and evenness, but overall it works as a fairly even light for the Kindle. The increased resolution and higher processor power are definitely noticable, with menu changes happening a snappier and the load time to refresh the book listings after loading a large number of books onto the device via Calibre is noticeably quicker.

I think the only thing that it's missing for me are the custom screensaver and custom collections (via Calibre) I had added to my previous kindle via jailbreak. They've had progress on that end so it's only a matter of time; I think they have a jailbreak, but they're still working on the recovery...I don't like jailbreaking without recourse in the event of a failure.

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On 10/31/2021 at 2:02 PM, TMoney said:

Question for the e-reader crowd. Does anyone have experience with any of the Kobo devices?

Kobo's recently refreshed lineup looks pretty competitive to the current Kindles. 

I have the Kobo Aura ONE (Special Edition) as well as a Kindle Voyage, both of which are a few years old now.

I prefer the Kobo for it's larger (7.8") size and auto "Natural Light" feature.

Most of the newer Kindles all have the warm light feature now though.

I dislike the lopsided edge that was introduced with the Oasis and copied now by most of the Kobo line.

I also dislike page turn buttons.

For those reasons if I had to buy a new e-reader now I would probably go with the new Paperwhite.

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Thinking Kobo just because I want a designated reader. I don't need a device to take notes on.

I had the Kindle Oasis but I gave it to my brother during Corona-lockdown. I think I'll try a Kobo and a Kindle at the same time, keep one and return the other.

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This has been an interesting comparison. After reading on both devices I've made a final decision and am returning one of them.

The Kindle is years ahead in terms of software polish. Everything works, the interface is super slick, the store and Goodreads integration are both done to perfection. The e-ink display tuning is just right, the screen refreshes enough that ghosting is never really an issue.

The Kobo interface on the other hand has some jank. It'll display content faster than the screen can refresh, there will be ghosting, navigation is clunky.

That all being said, once you are actually reading a book instead of navigating, I prefer the Kobo. The bigger screen, seemingly more contrast-y display and seemingly better backlight make it my preferred device for actually reading books. The lack of polish in the Kobo interface doesn't matter once I get font and formatting settings dialed in and start actually reading.

So Kindle is headed back to Bezos. It is a great device and I'd recommend it without qualification, but I like the Kobo better and there is no reason to keep both.


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