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Head-Case t-shirt ideas

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I can beat that price, if you order over 10,000, and you want those crappy shirts...

You can get the same breathability out of a similar weight 50-50 WITHOUT all the shirinking and fading that 100% hanes shit gives you. Oh, and the ends won't roll up like hanes or most 100% cotton cheap shirts do over time. Sometimes, it benefits you to spend $1-2 extra per shirt.

Does this go for all Hanes, or are you excluding the Beefy T's?
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(shurgs) That's what they're called, Phi Diddy.
hehe, P Diddy actually made an appearance in my listening session last night. I'm not a fan or anything, but his cameo in the Busta Rhymes album I was listening to was alright. :)

Oh, and I just find the word beefy amusing. :laugh:

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$35.00 is way to much. like i said most places do $25.00 and for returning customers or valued customers the cost is much lower if not free. I put in 10-15 t-shirt designs a year from my bar and my lighting business with at least 3 dozen of each design in large, extra large, and some other ladies sizes. in 2001-ish my partner and i had one 6 color 6 station in his basement cause we wanted to save on money from all the shirts we where printing. we eventually sold the equipment cause we did not have the time or energy to do the shirts ourselves.

You may be starting out in the business or what ever now but with prices like $35 a screen charge you are not going to make it far. you came in this thread stating you can beat anyone's prices and shit but is that true?

maybe you can do headcase the design and stuff for free and only charge the members $6.00 a shirt plus shipping?

that's a good deal for the members and its a fair cost of what one should pay for a good screened shirt.

the guy i go threw now is a big player in Chicago and he knows how to treat his customers. I am releasing a line of clothing for my bar soon (still in designing stages) and the dude is charging me nothing on the screens. then again he knows we will be ordering by the hundreds when we do. i am talking to him about the Chi-event shirts now but he is going to charge me $25 design costs and shit cause of the lower volume we are aiming for..which is ok i guess.

If you can sway the design charge for 5 or 6 screens and give me a fair price on the shirt i will look into your business seriously for the chi-event shirts. I am planning on selling them at $15.00 each, $6-$8 covers the shirt while the rest will go to hf and the chi-event.

$6-8 covers the shirt. I just said I can do it for $4-6 depending quantity and colors. So it still looks like my higher price is on par with your higher one.

$35 too much? THAT'S INCLUDING DIGITIZATION(mostly for embroidery). Did you ever read that I was charging digitization fees? Um...NO. That's cause I don't charge them. Lets see anybody else do that. That $35 is usually waived if the file comes to me ready to print, but most people come to us with an idea, a couple random pictures and ask for a design to be made.

You said yourself, he's not charging you because he knows you'll be ordering HUNDREDS of shirts. You're probably a repeat customer, and anybody with any sense wouldn't charge thier regulars, get fucking real. Stop being so fucking cantankerous.

I think we're doing pretty well for ourselves. Every year we get business from TARGET for the Fl-Ga game shirts. Go where you want...I just know you won't beat that price sans the obnoxiously cheap outsourcing from China for smaller quantities. Most of the jobs we get is under a quantity of 300, specializing in smaller jobs for around the city and the local fraternaties with no minimums. We've found our niche, and are running with it....

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