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Can the Dynahi be operated in unity gain, or is 2 the lowest possible?

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I got to thinking, that my source outputs PLENTY of voltage, so I could possibly get by with a headphone amp in unity gain, only suppling additional current. Is it possible to properly operate the dynahi this way? I am aware of how to change the gain, and fortunately dgardner socketed the gain resistor for me. My understanding of gain tells me that this resistor would essentially be bypassed to run unity gain, correct? The unusual nature of that setup is what made me wonder if it were possible. Certainly I could stick in a 100ohm resistor to get to a gain of 2, right?

At any rate, is there any point to this? I figured that lower gain would equal less noise, since the voltage is already high enough coming out of the source.

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As far as amplifiers go the voltage gain is far lower than other amplifiers of this type.

Its the amount of power output that is significantly higher than all other amplifiers

designed for headphones. The amount of class A current that can be delivered was

designed for dificult loads such as k1000's and qualia's. The signal to noise ratio

is way up there too, so while you could use this thing with earbuds, it would

be a real bad idea to do so.

I'm sure with some very minimal resistor changes i could get it unity gain stable

if i wanted to. At a voltage gain of 2 (6db) it is not going to add any detectable

noise to any signal.

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