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Post a picture of your workspace...


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I was working on a project this weekend and realized that I had my camera downstairs in my DIY dungeon. It seemed like a good time to take a picture and start a thread like this, I figure no one should be ashamed of what their space looks like after they see mine. ;D


That's my nightmare, what's yours?

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aerius, you are but an amateur.



I have since cleaned up, as i moved offices, it will look like this

again in a year or so.

Both of you are my idols! The downstairs of my bar is looking like this only with Lighting crap all over.

on my desk all you see are neutrik male/female plugs, solder all over, and a shite load of cut dmx cable (or 485 data cable). around my desk are road cases and lights all over the place...

i clean it once a month but by the 2nd day after being cleaned its back to where it was.

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