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Counterpoint: Bands you love that other people don't get.


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are there really people who don't like either of those? hell, now here is nowhere is one of my reference discs!

I never hear anyone talk about them, even on HF, so I assumed I was a minority...

Speaking of now here is nowhere, what is your impression of the recording quality? I think it is very good, devoid of much of the compression plaguing most modern recordings, yet i do detect a bit of clipping.

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at least on this album, she kind of scratches the same itch that Tom Waits scratches.

I certainly never would have come up with this association on my own, but it makes sense. Both are very soulful in atypical ways. I forgot to mention that she is a pretty impressive all-around musician as well as singer.

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A Diamanda Galas rendition of "I put a spell on you" was mixed into the version of "sex is violent" on the natural born

killers soundtrack - very cool (and well done, imho), if you are in to that sort of thing.

I think I like that soundtrack more than the movie, actually.


More bands people just don't get:

The Supersuckers

Man... or Astro-Man?

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