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Fuck in snow

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Same as every gay bar I've ever entered.

We lost power for about 12 hours which is nothing, all things considered, and we've got the generator/transfer-switch so it was really only out for 4 hours because I didn't feel like setting it all up

Side benefit of all the late snow, the ability to snowshoe with the kids.  Got andrew out for a little walk in the woods this afternoon.  

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I didn't do a lick of shoveling, going to do it all tomorrow.

And here's something I didn't realize: I thought it always got warmer just as it started to snow, but here it stayed in the 20's all day, so all that snow that didn't melt is going to stay not melted and just blow around a bit. So all you shovelers are still going to have small drifts to clear up tomorrow. :palm:

On the other hand, if I had a pair of skis*, this would be fucking GREAT skiing weather.

*...meaning of the cross-country variety.

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I wish we'd had enough here to bother having to shovel. There hasn't been a good snow here in a great many years. But then I live right next to the sea which doesn't help. 2 miles up the Hatton road to my Grans old house and it might be 10 inches for all I know. Had to pour a few buckets of water over the car earlier this evening though to get the half inch of ice off.

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Apparently some dude walked his snow blower up and down the block, as my sidewalk and front of my driveway appear to be clear :)

I don't even know who to thank.

I do that all the time with my snowblower and go down the block to the mailbox and back. It practically pulls me along and makes it easier on my old bones.

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made "progress". the snow on top the car is about 1/2 the snowfall. i got it cleared off once last night to try and keep up with it (fail).

now i'm looking to get it out of there and into a parking garage or there will be pico slim delays




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