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Fuck in snow

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Same as every gay bar I've ever entered.

We lost power for about 12 hours which is nothing, all things considered, and we've got the generator/transfer-switch so it was really only out for 4 hours because I didn't feel like setting it all up

Side benefit of all the late snow, the ability to snowshoe with the kids.  Got andrew out for a little walk in the woods this afternoon.  

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And in the freshly paid-off car too...... ;)

Didnt actually use my car for the drive, flew into Montgomery, AL Sunday and drove my grandmother's buick. Wish I had my car. Did get into a bit of snow in VA on Tuesday, but not too bad before we pulled off for the night.

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we're fucked
I went to weather.com, posted 22209 (where I work), clicked over to hour-by-hour, and when I got to tomorrow, sometime between 10am and later, this is exactly what it said. And then I turned on WTOP,

Announcer: What do you have for us, Doug Hill?

Doug Hill: Oh, we're fucked, Dean Lane. It's going to drop on us like a diarrheal flying cow that just ate the whole pasture.

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I'm working from home. Around here people don't know now to drive in snow and it scares the shit of out me on the road at times. I was just thinking back to doing a 45min drive in a Michigan blizzard once, felt safer than I do around here when it's raining much less snowing. There, people know how to drive in snow!

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