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Enigma Audio balanced headphone cables


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I received a surprise package from Enigma Audio. I ordered three balanced cables some time ago, but I asked them to postpone shipping them to me until I had a balanced amp. Since my balanced amp is caught inside the SinglePower black hole space-time continuum, I forgot about these balanced headphone cables.

When I saw the package, I thought that the box was a little big for a couple of ECC83 tubes, which I've been ordering recently.

Surprise, surprise, upon opening the box I see the silver-gray anti-static bags with the Enigma Audio sticker. Fortunately, I hadn't forgotten what Enigma Audio was. I'm expecting to forget about what "SinglePower" is in a couple more months, though.

I'm planning to have a local audio shop recable an SA5000 and AD2000 with two of the cables, and hopefully the local Grado distributor can do the RS-1. The cables are terminated with Neutrik, Xhadow and Vampire XLRs. I'll report back in this thread after the headphones are recabled.



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