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What're people opinion here of the LIsa III?

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After talking with somebody fairly extensively about the topology and circuitry of the amp, seems it's like a PPAv2 (or any other PPL amp), but slightly tweaked.

What's the consensus around here for one? Is it worth the asking price over a PPAv2? What are the sonic differences between the two? I've heard a Lisa, but not the PPAv2...just wondering if it's worth supporting the DIY community or supporting somebody who doesn't really hold back his designs to the DIY community.


I like how slender the new Lisa is, as it's not TOO bothersome to carry around. Carrying around that 1st gen Lisa, which appears to be the same size as all the DIY PPAv2 offerings, is just too big.

Basically, I need something that will primarily be a desk unit (ability to drive bigger cans, and will replace my other portable as a "do both" amp), but HAS THE ABILITY to be carried in the pocket/bag AND has the bass knob. So battery life isn't a concern.

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