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Ok, convince me to get a PS3


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So I've got the wife's approval on this but I want a rational full run down of why I really should do this. The list that I can come up with goes like this:

1. BluRay player, probably the best of the bunch until Oppo comes out with theirs which may not be until early 09.

- Now the question is how is it as a BR player? What sort of remote options are available? Will my Harmony be able to control it?

2. Media center. I've heard rumors about this capability and I'd like to hear more. I seem to remember something about the 40gig (only version currently availble) not being as good as the 80 in this respect. Thoughts?

3. Good gaming fun of course.

So have at it, sell me on this thing.

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The 40GB has no SACD support and has no Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. Not sure if that matters to you, but something to keep in mind.

They sell separate Sony remotes, like the one here:

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Sony-PlayStation-Blu-ray-Disc-Remote/dp/B000M17AVO]Amazon.com: Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote: Video Games[/ame]

The system has bluetooth, but has no IR receiver, so Harmony remotes will probably not work. I heard there are USB IR receivers you can add FWIW.

As a media center, you can basically stream media content (music, pictures, videos) through your network to the PS3. Last I heard, I think DivX support was coming to the PS3, not sure where it stands now...

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My argument can be summed up in three alpha-numeric characters:




In all honesty, the PS3 is the best blu-ray player out there right now, so making the decision based alone on blu-ray capability is a no-brainer. Don't listen to Xbox fanboys and their "there are no fun games for PS3" bullshit. There are plenty of great games for the PS3 and there will be many coming soon in the future. I don't think I need to list the upcoming games again, but just think GT5 and GTA4 for starters. If you get the bigger capacity version, you also get a SACD player, which I have yet to try out, but still, if SACD is your thing, there's another incentive. I could go on really...

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You won't be able to use your universal remote with the PS3 since its bluetooth. Sony sells a separate bluetooth bluray remote, but I do just fine using the controller to pause my movies.

This thing is shiny as hell. Major toy factor, its heavy and sits sideways and is shiny son, damn.

The two games I have, COD4 and Oblivion look outstanding and are bad ass hell. I'm not an ubergamer so mega game selection isn't of great importance to me.

As far as BR capabilities, I used it for the first time today. I got 300 on bluray via Netflix, and I hadn't seen it before this afternoon. I swear to you, I shit. Not literally, but still I totally shit. Even on my lil' 32" Westy LCD the picture is extraordinary. No grain, just rich texture and vibrant colors. My girlfriend, who isn't a big tech toy person like some of us, even remarked "this movie was made for bluray." I also found the sound superior to regular DVD. I don't know anything about the sound capability of the BR format, but it sounded great.

As a bonus, I through in some Lost season two on regular dvd afterwards, and the upscaled picture whooped my previous player, the oppo dv-970hd. :prettyprincess:

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