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Agreed on naming and shaming the kid who lost it. That was completely unnecessary. As for the rest, eh, it's what they do.

And I'll take two of those phones please!

I still think the poor kid's name would have come up somewhere even if giz didn't publish the story. Maybe publishing the story will keep him from being disappeared!

Sent from my motherfucking itouch

Edit:moonshine seemed to have made all my points already :(

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I've been thinking about it, and I suppose the flat design is better for typing when it's laying on the desk, and the easy access to battery could make it possible to carry extra batteries. It looks like the battery is removable/replaceable once the bottom of the case is off.

Maybe not. Next-gen iPhone splayed, battery probably not meant to be replaced by the unwashed masses -- Engadget

And saw this on Daring Fireball.

Jeff Bercovici called the owner of Gourmet Haus Staudt:

What [the
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They Raided Jason Chen's house, full kick down the door warrant and seize style! the story is on Giz now, i'm not linking on purpose..

been threw a warrant search/raid before, (nothing to do with me personally or anything of my property or my previous actions) and i must tell you its a really messed up feeling to have your place raided!

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Do any of the lawyer-types have any comment to the claim that the search warrant is invalid?

I'm not a lawyer but I'm guessing that Apple would have to have some pretty compelling evidence/reasons to get a judge to sign a warrant given the political and media implications of this action.

This story just gets weirder by the day.

[edit]I listened to some compelling arguments this morning for the case that Gizmodo did actual harm (in the monetary sense) to Apple and this search backs up that this may be Apple's position moving forward. I think we're likely to see a multi-million dollar case against Gizmodo claiming lost sales of current products as the primary reason.

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not a lawyer (and i dont even play one on tv for that matter) but i would guess with my limited research of Journalist laws would not apply to the raid or the investigation, the question is did Giz knowingly buy a stolen good. the raid would be valid cause the investigation is for the purchasing known stolen property not the "news" reporting Giz did later. if Giz paid $5000 for an exclusive story with pics and video then they would be in the legal clear..but they bought the phone itself and the raid probably seeks evidence pertaining to the transaction/sale of the phone which has nothing to do with the evidence code Giz sited...atleast that's my guess.

Apple is waiting on the investigation and state courts before they take any action towards Giz themselves, later on regardless of what the Legal outcome is Apple is pretty much guaranteed to go after with a lawsuit claiming big loss financially cause of the what Giz did, question is how many ways are they going to come up with on how they lost from the whole deal and how much to seek from each way?

i am not surprised on the Raid but i cant laugh at Jason for it, still i feel its a weird form of karma in a small way

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None that I'm aware of, but I don't use it on a windows machine.... my wife did, and was not fond of the web portal aspect of MobileMe. Now we just use it through our iPhones. That works better for her anyway since they monitor her web use at work. Me, I work at at Univ. and if they do monitor, they don't say anything.... not that I'm anywhere I shouldn't be.... but yeah.

We renewed this year, but if I don't get off my ass and use it more this year, then I'm going to think long and hard about renewing next year.

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Iphone update question:

On my 3G I still have the old 3.0 OS, is there any reason why I should NOT update it to the newest 3.1? I do have the tethering currently but honestly I don't really use it...

Iphone rant of the week:

So radioshack is now an iphone retailer through AT&T. Sales person tells me they offer a trade in for my old 3G for $170, and can upgrade to the 3GS for $30 more at $199. Obviously need to be in your upgrade time, which I tell the person is in February. Sales person says that they are offering promotion and rather than the normal 18 month upgrade timeframe, they are making it at 9 months, which I qualify. So lady goes into system, and nope, still lists february as my upgrade date. She calls ATT, no budge, though they acknowledge the promotion, they can't help me. I call ATT myself, nope, they won't honor it. I get close with the 3rd rep who offers their ATT upgrade advantage program, but alas, they only offer certain phones, no 3GS. My guess is they are saving their 3GS promotion for new customers, and could care less about me who has been with them since the cingular days and took advantage of their 3G $99 promotion.

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