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Happy Birthday Purk!


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Thanks again guy. I'm listening to my fully working DHA3000 right now! Matt Anker brought the coaxial input back to life so I finally have a perfect working DHA3000 again. My SCD-1 is also working like charm again, thanks to a master technician who live 10 mins away. No more money spend on shipping gears to repair. :)

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Would you like to lend me the SR-007 MKII? :D I probably will get either the OII or OII MK II at the end of this year or early next year. :) My wife is cool with the R10 as she loved them, but she said that the Orpheus leaks out the sound too much and warm up the room.

No way! I would rather give you an L3000 than lend you the O2Mk2.

Somehow the O2Mk1 doesn't seem so attractive to me anymore. You can take it, too.

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