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I dabbled with EQ2 after EQ but lost interest after doing most of the Legendary quests and dying to the damn dragon lots.

Played WoW quite a bit more seriously but stopped after not really getting very far into Burning Crusade content.

Moved onto LoTRO as a bard - bored stiff fairly quickly.

Playing on Vanguard - more like old EQ with updated graphics / gameplay. Grind still a bit much, but getting back into it again.

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I was an early adopter of Vanguard, and it was definitely not ready for prime time upon release. Has it gotten better/less buggy?

I only started playing this February, but from what I can tell, it's a really nifty game.

There are still some content issues and population is still a bit sparse. I think I've grouped less than 10 times and I'm about to hit 43. The only reason to group is to break up the solo grind boredom or finish an important quest-line.

Love playing a necro - from what I can tell, they're a very strong class.

Must say, I'm tempted by the new WoW expansion pack and being able to start a hero class from lvl 55.

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