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What did you do today?


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I've been up 12 hours already. Sounds like you had a better time last night, than I did.

Odd thing happened to me last night at 3 a.m., too.

Son: (Mysteriously standing by my side of the bed in our room. Our kids don't get up at night and have never, ever come into our room while we're asleep.) "Hey, Dad!"

Me: "Huh? Wha tha fu...? I mean, what's going on, buddy? Is everything OK?"

S: "You don't love me."

M: "Huh? Wha the fu...? I mean, WHAT?"

S: "You think I'm a fussbudget."

M: "A what?" (Still in the waking-up-trying-to-process phase here.)

S: "A fussbudget! You do!"

M: "Who even says that word? Are you even awake?"

S: "I don't like the mean butterflies!"

M: "Ohhhkay. Back to bed, buddy. And I do love you, more than anything."

S: "Alright." (Goes back to bed.)

Zero recollection of any of it this morning, of course. And, seriously, who uses the word "fussbudget"? I know for damn sure I never have. :confused:

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Not today but had a great weekend.

Took Friday off, spent the day at home with the wife and Lily and Grandma came down to make homemade strawberry freezer jam. We had leftover strawberries so I made some strawberry syrup (this stuff rocks on pancakes and waffles). Relaxed with Lily in her pool during the afternoon.

Saturday we dropped Lily off at her other grandparents' house so that we could celebrate our wedding anniversary. Started the evening off with drinks and appetizers at a little tapas restaurant in Portsmouth that we had a gift certificate to and discovered that they make a mean mojito. Then made our way over to our favorite fish place (Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe) and had a great meal coupled with my first Hendricks and tonic, yum. Finished the night off with a walk through downtown Portsmouth to see a friend that works at another eating establishment. Made it home just before it started to rain which cooled things down nicely.

Sunday I woke up before my wife and made breakfast (waffles, sausage, coffee) and we had a relaxing morning sitting around doing nothing. Topped it all off with a trip into Boston for this...


Got to see an outstanding game on one of the summer's few beautiful days. It'll probably be a long time before I get to have another weekend like that.

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