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I'm actually liking the bootlegs I downloaded more than the box set :/

The concerts in the box are too heavily edited removing almost all crowd noise at the start and beginning of songs, removing all of RA's banter (some of it which is pretty damn funny) and his weird improvised songs and covers.

I can understand chopping off the covers for legal reasons, but they should have left the MP3 downloads as complete archival shows.

The sound quality is really damn bloody good though.

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the legal issues don't do away just because they're releasing them for sale as mp3s, tho.

I know, leave the covers off the MP3s as well, thought I added that part.

My main gripe is the concerts in the box sound too somber. The bootlegs I heard were a lot of fun.

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But won't run the current iTunes.

But maybe it can run Twonky Media Server, eLyric, or something like ServetoMe?

Personally it wouldn't be worth it to me. I had a 17" G5 iMac and replaced it in Jan 2007 with a Core2Duo iMac, and the performance improvement was very noticeable. I can't imagine going back to a powerPC Mac when you can get a used Core2Duo for $500 (or less).

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Lenovo Y580 for $899. Just snagged this. To replace my aging MSI. Its a steal for this price. A beast really. deals2buy.com for the coupon. If you go direct to Lenovo, they charge you $50 more. What sucks is that there's tax on all states because the rep said Lenovo have a representation in all states. Found it kinda hard to believe though......


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