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10 minutes ago, cetoole said:

5 quarts is really small for meat saunas

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50 minutes ago, crappyjones123 said:

Do you have any experience with their wide sizes? I wear a 4E and have had trouble finding decent dress shoes. After having the current pair resoled 3 times, I think it is time for a new pair. the widest the link you shared has 3E. Wonder if they run wider than usual. 

Yeah, this is the reason I only ever buy shoes in person or from someplace that has zero problem with returns, like Zappos.  I have everything from a 9.5 wide to a 12 regular, with room for another complete set of toes.  I consider myself lucky if it comes in a wide at all, not so discerning between 3E and 4E.

I <3 Oxfords, though, so had to look.

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CJ, you're a 10.5 3E (perhaps) in AE, right? That Fifth Avenue in Bourbon for 177$ is a shoe I <3 dearly. I have the Lexington in bourbon and it's great, and the same last as the Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

I actually prefer the Fifth Avenue unless going black; I find it more versatile. Also, don't get black. Also, bring @cetoole in on this convo.


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If I can find something comfortable, I'd rather go for that. In the current shoes I have, which I have only worn for 2 hours at a time, I get the worst knee pain immediately after (I have super duper flat feet and am an extreme over pronator). I have red wing boots for hiking but they have a different insole that is rather stiff. Not nearly as much of arch support as the brooks I am wearing but it doesn't hurt me knees. The dress shoes I have are from high school - never needed to wear them for over a few hours so never bothered to buy different ones. 

Brent, I wear 10.5 4E in NB and Brooks. 

Zach do you have any suggestions for rubber soled shoes?

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Honestly, Hush Puppies (yes, yes I know) sound like they would be a great fit for you. They look dressy enough, but are suitable for standing all day. Most traditional dress shoes are nothing more than slapping 1/4" pieces of hide to the bottom of your feet.

These specifically would be well suited for your needs.


P.S. Don't listen to Brent.

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Save 20% on ER•4PT, ER•4S, HF•3, HF•5, MC•3, and GunSport•PRO.

Use promo code "DG2016" at checkout.

Offer valid through June 26th, 2016. Not valid with other offers or discounts.

Unfortunately does not apply to the new ER4 models. :(



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