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Turns out the damage was a bit more severe than a bad cable. They could still be repaired for less than the cost of a new pair, but not enough less that it seemed worth it. So new Etys are on the way.

That's because you're supposed to put them in your ears!

There's a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Mk2 on ebay with 1 day left: https://ebay.us/eabRlp Currently at $200.

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I just don't wear watches much anymore. But I saw this one and loved it. I like Rose Gold too, and thought it was a nice design, so I bought it too. Usually I'm pretty conservative, but I like ornate boxer shorts and watches. A guys gotta let loose a bit somewhere.

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Not kidding, not a fan of rose gold in most situations.
That was kind of a rhetorical question -- I knew you weren't kidding, that's just my way of expressing a different taste (in colors of watches in this case). Have you seen my Nixon/Barney joint effort?
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$575? I'm getting one ASAP.

Dusty doesn't just approve, he's feeling a little tingle "down there".

EDIT: Argh, too bad it's a quartz movement. Might still get it, but it's no longer ASAP.

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Apparently I have bad taste. Likely due to my regrettable orientation.

That could be fixed... try one of these:


I meant the bad taste, of course. This tattoo is in excellent taste.

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