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Thanks folks, I might take the plunge. Going to Win7-64 is a good excuse to get that 4Gb RAM upgrade I've been hankering for as well :)

I'm running Win 7 x64 on my laptop and it's solid as a rock. ZERO problems ever. Vista, what were they thinkin' when they released that POS! No comparison to 7.

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Elusive Disc sale:

Father's Day Sale - 10% off your order

Sale ends Tuesday June 22nd @ 12 midnight EST

To take advantage of this Sale, enter 'FATHER'S DAY SALE' in the Special Instructions field of the Checkout Page when placing your order on our webstore. The discount WILL NOT be reflected on our website. We will download your order, adjust the price, and then bill your credit card the discounted price.

This discount cannot be applied to PRE-ORDERS and items notated on our website as 'Not Eligible For Further Discount'.

All Demos are eligible for this Sale!

This might also be a good time to note that two more of the Blue Note XRCDs just came out (Johnny Coles - Little Johnny and Lou Donaldson - LD + 3). ;)

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I have that Shun K.O. kit, and have no issues with the serrateds. Great for what they are designed for ... slicing. Nothing better for tomatoes, bread, roast beef, ham, turkey, etc. It is a great deal for the set. I do, however have a problem with the steel ... thrown in for American sensibilities, as I think "real' japanese knife users would never touch their blades with one.

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I have a Henckel knife set with 2 serrated blades.

one for bread and one serrated 5" utility/Tomato Slicer knife.

They are absolutely fabulous knives. They are a pain to sharpen, but well worth it when sharp and used properly. Even though they are serrated, they are sharp as Razors. They are hollow ground serrations.

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The Outlaws will be launching our own fireworks celebration this Independence Day with huge savings on all of our "Made in America" multi-channel power amplifiers. Between now and Monday, July 5th, we're offering discounts that will save you anywhere from $140 to over $1,000!

* Take 20% off the Model 7075 or Model 7125, bringing their prices to $559 and $799, respectively. If you're looking to add REAL power to a system where the AV Receiver has preamp outputs, there is no better way to go.

* Take 25% off each of our 200 watts per channel models. The 7-channel Model 7200 is priced at $1,387, a savings of $462. If your system takes advantage of balanced inputs, the 5-channel Model 7500 is only $1,199 during this promotion and the 7-channel Model 7700 is $1,612, saving you $537 and giving you years of listening pleasure.

* The most powerful Outlaw amplifier, the 7x300 wpc Model 7900 also has our most powerful savings. Take 30% off the regular price and pay only $2,449, an incredible $1,050 less than the everyday price.

As a reminder, the Outlaw offices will be closed on Friday, July 2nd in observance of the holiday, but we'll continue to monitor the Saloon while we're away.

Remember these special prices are only valid through Midnight on Monday, so be sure to declare your independence from bad sound before it's too late. After all, whether it is Independence Day, or any day, at Outlaw Audio, "The best values in Home Theater are just a mouse click away.™"

Best regards,

The Outlaws

Might be of interest to some here.

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