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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.


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Gene, At whatever the f stop was - either f2 or 2.8. It is back focusing a wee but I think on my body. Today I finish all my finals for the semester (the ones I'm teaching) so hopefully will have some time tomorrow to get the af fine tune dialed in. But I think it just needs adjustment by +2 or 3. Nothing major.

I don't like that the hood doesn't lock in neither the resting nor the extended position. I feel that over time, it might loosen up. I was also thinking about the 135 dc but after looking at the field of view the 105mm gives me, I think the 135 would be too claustrophobic (mostly I've shot 35 or 50mm so it is weird getting used to this longer focal length but after I took the first shot I understood why it was the preferred length for portraits.)

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On an unhappy note I got 3 6s (on a scale of 6 through 9) on 3 photos I entered in a contest for today. 


It would not really suck so badly if I had not seen what was getting 7s and 8s. 



Ari ... nice mood shot ... where was that scene?


Its on one of the main streets in Teaneck.

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If was being critical I'd pick the middle image as the weakest of the three.  Maybe I'm missing something, the subject is great, but none of it seems particularly in focus or sharp.  Maybe it's the compressed image that's mucking it up, or my tired eyes, but all of the edges look a little muddy.  The other two, I'm not qualified to judge.  I don't see any real technical faults with them so maybe it just came down to the judges personal preference for subject matter or any other of 900 reasons for a photograph to either strike a chord with someone or not. 


Overall your work is fantastic and you clearly have talent so don't get too down.  Take the rejection, process it (and maybe like Gene suggested get some feedback) and then most importantly move on. 

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