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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.


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The 11-24mm zoom looks like fun though. 


An 11mm prime (for SLR) would be fun.

An 11mm rectilinear prime would be fun!

This new lens seems a bit over the top, and the 11mm setting doesn't quite seem with the sacrifices of a stop of aperture, larger size and weight, and a huge price increase over the Nikon 14-24.

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Luckily, I have zero interest whatsoever in that body.


Same here.  

According to DPReview:

As far as dynamic range is concerned, we're told that the new 5DS and 5DS R should give the same performance as the current EOS 5D Mark III. If true, this means that the new cameras won't be able to offer the same industry-leading dynamic range of Sony's current APS-C and full-frame sensors, but at least it isn't a step backwards. And hey - 50MP!


What Canon should release is a new 5D with 24-28 Megapixelish new sensor with improved dyamic range.  

It's also announced that Canon will not bring the new EOS M3 to North America.  I think Canon has lost me  :chair:


But then that was predictable, which is why I picked up (again!) a Sony A7R with Zeiss 55mm f1.8 last week  8)   No, I'm not interested in the rumored Sony 50 MP replacement, either.  


16281005169_2852e68bdf_c.jpgSonyA7r Zeiss FE55 by drjlo1, on Flickr

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Stood in line at the local observatory for an hour and 40 minutes and just before they were about to call it a night, the lady directly in front of me called her family and asked them to leave the house because their turn was about to come. I figured it might be a couple of people so didn't say anything. In come walking 19 people (I counted). I politely asked them to join the back of the line and was summarily told to shut the fuck up, mind my own business and go back to Iran or Iraq or wherever the fuck I came from. Wished them all a good evening and left the line and mentioned it the person in charge who didn't seem to care for 19 people cutting the line. Once the people behind me found out, they raised their voices as well but the observatory folks didn't give a shit. 


Went out and tried to take some pictures. Found out that 50mm is far too narrow to get anything appreciable when it comes to astrophotography. Also found out that no matter what I tried, I got star trails even at 10s exposures. Either that or the camera shook. I tried both mirror lock up and a time delay but the same shake was present in both images. Close to a 100% crop below. Thoughts on if it really is a star trail or if the mirror slap is causing the shake? 



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I'm betting (cautiously) on star movement. 


In all but the worlds cheapest tripods Mirror vibration self damps in MUCH less than 10sec. It is an issue with mid-length exposures (1/60-1/4sec), with long lenses or macro where the "perfect storm" of vibration amplification due to long lens length/high magnification *and* a lack of spare time to fill in with stable image (its not an issue in a 2sec macro shot, for example) fuxors your shit good - but mostly mirror shake is just something people like to talk about as the reason their handheld photos come out blurry.


Anyways, in the case of your photo - With such an even exposure across the length of the star trails, I assume it is mostly the motion of the earth. If it was mirror shake, you would see a little motion, and an overexposed spot where the camera finally settled. You got none of that. 


You could shoot a 2, 5, 10, and 30second exposure, and see if the trails are proportionally long. 

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