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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.

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My daughter (almost 12) is on the yearbook staff at her magnet school. Her grade went on a field trip to the Atlanta Aquarium, and she was one of four people allowed to take a camera. I set her up wit

A night out in the rain with the X-Pro2 & XF 23 f/2 

One of the reason I stopped posting was there just seemed to be so much drama. Getting angry and going off because of someone's post is just not a good use of my time. Being offended by these pics is

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From the picture zooming in, it looks like it has a fan but it looks like it has a hinge for a fully articulating screen as well, just like on the Sharp 8K m43 camera, which has been in development for ages and now Sony comes out with it with FF.

I guess it will be only slightly cheaper than the FX6 so still a good distance away from the A7SIII with regards to pricing.

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Okay, this may not be the most efficient way to solve autofocus detection problems (or is it the most efficient?), but definitely someone at Fuji is attacking from a different perspective. 

Reminds one of the ever decreasing on-time San Francisco busing rates. After several failed attempts to fix they solved by eliminating the schedule. 

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