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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.


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^ From what I have been told, NR in LR3 and CS5 is supposed to be the same thing. In any case, I'm liking what NR in LR3 has been able to do noise in high ISO pics as well.

Yes, LR3 and CS5 both use Camera Raw 6, so their development processes are essentially the same, until you open the image up into photoshop.

I tried using Adobe's Lens Profile Creator for a couple of my more obscure 3rd-party lenses today. Even just using rudimentary 8.5x11" test charts, the results for distortion and vignetting correction were very impressive. The CA correction wasn't quite perfect, but I was making my profiles in about the most quick and dirty method possible, so I can forgive that.

With a little more effort (using full-size charts, profiling more apertures, and getting more precise framing via live view) this should be just about the perfect lens correction solution. Since they are DIY corrections, I suppose I could even create custom profiles for lenses which vignette when used with a CPL filter.

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..I am starting to get along with CS4 a bit more. I still don't like it as much as CS3, but at least I now have decent workflow.


I took this shot back in April, using my EF 50mm F/1.8 I, as I had lent my F/1.4 to my friend Jeremy. F/2, 1/80th, ISO320, tungsten white balance. No edits other than my stamp [Then WTF did you need Photoshop for, Knucks?]

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So I have been playing around with comparing lenses in somewhat controlled situations to see if I can detect much difference. I need to work up a better testing scenario as I was not smart enough to fix the focus point for all the different lenses so focus and potentially metering could be different. Oh well I will work on it some more when i get bored again I guess.

Both images were taken at 30mm, f4, 1/60, 580ex II. Both are L Glass of varying quality. Both are straight out of the camera with only crop and sizing.



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Nice shots!

I think it's definitely worth spending some time in Photoshop to clean them up a bit, fix the colours & brightness and really make things pop. This is what I generally aim for in my airplane photos, this one's from the Toronto air show last year. I try to get the colours as bright and saturated as I can.


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What I've been up to recently:


Molly, giving me a taste of my own medicine and haranguing me with her point and shoot. DJ Sinistarr is visible in the background.


EF 50mm F/1.8 (Mk I) @ F/2.8, ~2 minute exposure, ISO 100. WB was set to tungsten, IIRC.


76 second exposure, other settings as above.

I love my old non-USM primes because they have a hard stop at infinity focus, which is essential for nighttime long exposures. Trying to set a USM lens to infinity in the dark is enough to drive one mad.

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