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The Official Head-Case Photography Thread.


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But only because Al is one of us.






For some reason I remember these girls being nekkid but it didn't come out in the pictures.


Really terrible video that I shot when it got really crowded. Just barely remembered how to make it record so it is not great and the 10 15" woofers in the van over drove the little camera microphone.


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I promised you some more pics from the land of the ice and snow- so here it goes.

My first night in Iceland was spent in Keflavik which is south to Reykjavik. It used to have a good fishing industry but now things seem a bit depressing.


After that I got picked up and we drove to Munadarnes which seems to be on the north-west of Iceland. There I spent ten marvelous days of studying and hot-tubbing.



We went to some field trips as well.


^ Old soviet optics for the win.


Then I moved to Reykjavik and got to know that some organization of acoustical variety has a strong grip around there...


I'm sure that everyone of these girls have Bieber on SACD and he is listened only through the best electrostatic transducers.

Finally miscellaneous Reykjavik.


A smallish one, this one is.


Enjoy, guys! Will post more, in time.

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Jeff, which Flashbender do you use (size) and how do you like it? I've looking for something that works well when I don't have a surface to bounce on (which I've been running into often of late).

I actually have the smaller one. It works very well.

I am still waiting on Really Right Stuff to ship my tripod. Now they tell me middle to end of next week. I think I could have made one myself at this rate, and saved a boatload of money.

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