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CONTEST: Beat Icarium in Google Talk (Prizes!)


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I had the unfortunate experience of Google Talking with Icarium once. It was a long time ago, Sept. 2007 I believe. Even now, almost a year later, my fingers are still somewhat numb. Doctors say that they might never fully recover.

This being Head-Case, I would like to hold a contest suitable for you.

Contest rules:

1. Enter into a Google Talk session versus Icarium by August 8. The session should last for at least three minutes.

2. You may Talk about anything Head-Case-related.

3. The Top 3 winners will be ranked by Icarium based on the amount of challenge he feels they presented to him. I don't expect anyone to actually beat him, so it will be a subjective evaluation.

4. Grand Prize: Slightly used Sony PFR-V1 headphones/torture device.

5. 1st Prize: Telos copper-plated RCA and XLR caps, actual number to be determined.

6. 2nd Prize: black semi-hard case suitable for most Grados, ES7, ESW9.

7. The contest sponser (me) will cover worldwide shipping of the prizes.

8. This contest is obviously based on Icarium's willingness to participate.

9. Contest may be declared null and void anytime for any reason I can think of.

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Do I just output way too much text too fast? That's probably true. But then it sounds like its really just a typing contest and I'm sure lots of people type faster than me!

That's it.

But it isn't just a typing speed contest. It is also having something to say or type about. So it's a combination of blabbing + typing speed. :P

In three minutes, I don't think that anyone will have as much to say (typing in Google Talk) about any Head-Case-related topic in terms of sheer text quantity and also speed.

The Google Talk transcripts will show what I mean. For every word anyone manages to type out, Icarium will spew out three or more.

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Do future transactions count ? ;)

(you know what I want to buy!)

I'd really like those Sonys... :P It has piqued my curiosity ever since I saw them a while back.

I'll pay for shipping too!

Please ! Pretty Please? Pwwweeease.... ?

Haha, so you're here too.

We have traded some music files but haven't made a transaction. Sorry.

Heh, I got a headphone stand from you before. Does that count?

Er, I think you got a free headphone stand. Not really a transaction either.

did we do a trade once for cables and grado headphones cases?? if that counts lmk

found it

jp11801 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio


Yes, I remember this, it was one of the first transactions I made.

Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll ship out the PFR-V1. I hope your ears have thick skin. :D

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Awww shucks... didn't win. :(

Oh well...

Congrats jp11801. ;D

Yeah, I'm here too. Joined a few days ago. Actually I was aware of HC since last year, found about it some time after joining that other site. But lately I've become bored with the repetitive stuff over there... So I decided to hang around here instead for a change of pace. :):palm:

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