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Loose wire on SE530

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I found out today that the wiring on the right earpiece of my SE530 is loose, so that whenever I move, the signal cuts out. Fortunately they are still under warranty, so I sent them in for Shure to repair.

My question is: what could have caused the wiring to be loose in the first place, so I can prevent this from happening in the future. I have been running with them on the treadmill everyday for the past two months, so is it that? And if it is, color me disappointed, because I thought the build quality should be able to withstand running.

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I had a pair that the wire split after 9 months, Shure sent me a replacement pair. 10 months later that pair had a filter fall out somehow, Shure again sent me another pair. I sold them, because of little use, to some guy in the Netherlands. 2 weeks later he emailed asking if I had receipt because the sound was cutting out. To me it sounds like they have a batch problem because some beat them and they still work fine others like Humanflyz and I barely use them and they still break. I won't be buy Shures for a while.

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